Our approach is investigative, scientific and externally facing. Support for clients can include any or all of the work needed to make or test a business case:
Market Analysis
Quantification of market opportunities; analysis of pressures and trends; segmentation; projections; and scenario analysis
Competitive Analysis
Analysis of competitive environment; direct assessment of key competitors
Customer Insights
Insights into the buying process, purchase and selection criteria, performance of client and key competitors; design and testing of new propositions
Business Case Development
Development and testing of the full business case for different strategic options
Our market investigations and strategic reviews are often done in conjunction with a review of financing. This is either from management's perspective (business case development and testing) or from the financier's perspective (commercial due diligence).

We are very proud of the quality and rigour of our work.
Detailed Services
Proposition development and testing
  • Analysis of customer buying process
  • Review of proposition attractiveness and recommendations for revision
  • Identification/review of target customer groups
  • Assessment of client performance versus competitors and customer alternatives
  • Clarification of switching behaviour, quantifying switching factors where relevant
  • Customer testing of new propositions/changes to proposition
  • Business case quantification of impact of new proposition/changes to proposition
Business case and business plan development
  • Business model development and testing
  • Investigation, confirmation and quantification of market demand
  • Development and testing of the business case for investment
  • Support in generating a business plan and associated investor presentations
  • Development of business plans to support refinancing in distressed situations
Strategy development and review
  • Market and competitive review (detailed above)
  • Strategic option development and testing
  • Business case development and testing
Market and opportunity reviews
  • Demand-side/supply-side analysis: segmentation, size, growth, trends and drivers
  • Competitive analysis: competitive environment review, financial analysis
  • Channel analysis: quantification, trends, relative channel performance
  • Product/service review: sizing, growth projections, identification of success factors
  • Opportunity quantification and review
Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Proposition benchmarking
  • Operational performance and cost benchmarking
  • Capability, functional and process benchmarking
  • Financial performance benchmarking
  • Review of competitor strategies and relative strengths
  • Identification of acquisition/disposal targets
Commercial due diligence
  • Market and competitive review (detailed above)
  • Proposition assessment
  • New opportunity assessment
  • Prioritisation of business plan initiatives
  • Industry cost benchmarking
  • Revenue and gross margin projections
  • Post-investment strategy
  • Exit review

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