Latitude has a small experienced team, in which Steve Hacking is central to every project
Steve Hacking
Steve Hacking has been a strategy consultant for 18 years. He was a founding partner of Latitude in 2001. Before this, he was on the management team and co-head of private equity support at the Kalchas Group, a Bain/McKinsey spin-off.

Steve has an MBA with distinction from INSEAD, an MSc with distinction from Imperial College, and an MA from Cambridge.

Steve is central to every Latitude project, taking responsibility for quality and client satisfaction. To maintain this heavy personal focus on each client, Latitude never runs more than two major concurrent projects.
Latitude Team
Latitude has at its disposal a team of highly capable business and market analysts, all of whom have strong investigative and analytical training.

All are either experienced strategy consultants or sector experts. Most have been working with Latitude for between 5 and 10 years.

Team members are selected for each project according to their experience for the job at hand.

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